My Home

This was originally a covered porch and, at some point, it was glassed in and carpeted. It isn't insulated so it gets quite cold in the winter. There is no ventilation either so it gets very hot in the summer. When I moved in, the door that you see in the second image was just a screen door but I replaced it with a solid door (I never did get around to finishing the inside). I had hoped to insulate and ventilate the room so that it would be more useable but never had the funds to do it.
Living Room
I use the living room as a dining room as well since I'm using the dining area for office space. I filled the grooves in the panelling in the top half of the walls and covered it with textured paintable wallpaper I then added a chair rail. I use 3 x 24" bookcases to divide the living room from the office area.
Office Space
I've built in a counter that spans the width of the office space beneath the window. It's attached to the back of the bookcase closest to the wall. The centre bookcase faces into the office area. The desk to the left of the chair is freestanding. The china cabinet (shown on the right) is on the wall behind the chair - I use it for both kitchen and office storage. The small bookcase, under the window to the right of the china cabinet, is freestanding and faces the kitchen.
The galley kitchen is small but quite practical. I confess that I tried to paint the fridge and stove with hight heat spray paint. It looked very nice when I first did it but didn't bond well on the stove top and I had to remove it. The fridge worked better but the original surface is starting to show through on the top edge of the door. Both appliances work well. I used a stick-on film to give the windows a frosted look rather than keep it covered from privacy from the neighbours - this can easily be removed if you don't like it.
Utility Room
The utility room has a washer and dryer. There is a laundry tub in the far right corner and a cupboard opposite it that is good for storing tools and stuff (it could use some more shelves). The floor of this cupboard is ideal for keeping a litter box if you use one. I generally feed my cat in this room. By the way there is a cat door built into the door leading to the back deck.
2nd Bed Room
This little room has a built in dresser and closet on the right. There is enough room (barely) to stretch that futon out to it's full length and still shut the door. There is enough room between the door and the closet for a good sized bookcase.
Bath Room
I had the floor tile floor put in. There is plenty of storage in the counter and there is a medicine cupboard hanging on the wall over the toilet.
Master Bedroom
I plastered the walls in the bedroom to get away from the painted panelling look. There is a lot of storage in the wall to wall mirrored closet and the hot water tank is in there too. The dressers are stand alone and will go with me. I'll also be taking the swag lamp and will replace it with a small ceiling fixture.
Outside Views
The back deck is 12' x 12'  
The area where my car is parked is the flattest spot but there is plenty of room to the left of it for additional parking.

The pad includes the whole area from the trailer to the back of the trailer to the left.

The shed at the back of the trailer is about 12' x 8' and is fully insulated with a window at the back.
The air conditioner (shown behind the conservatory) needs servicing.
There is a Y shaped entrance, this picture was taken from between the arms of the Y looking up at the trailer park.
The park is quiet and has lots of trees.
There aren't many small children in the park but there is a small playground for resident and visiting children.
This is a view of the trailer looking down from the other side.