Benoy Family

Parish Records

Parish records contain information about christenings (sometimes births), marriages (sometimes banns) and burials. The amount of information given in the parish records varies from minimal to extensive depending on how much the recorder liked to write.

To get the most out of your research, it is a good idea to look through the whole thing first to see what is on it. Document the general contents as you go. Example:

Film # 1596318 Werrington, Devon, England
Item 1 Marriages 1682 - 1775
2 Baptisms 1678 - 1775
3 Burials 1678 - 1775
4 Baptisms 1813 - 1854
5 Marriage Banns 1754 - 1812
6 Marriages 1813 - 1836
7 1838 - 1900
8 Marriage Banns 1824 - 1860
9 1860-1900
10 Burials 1813 - 1875
11 1876 - 1900
12 Baptisms 1854 - 1900

Notice that there are no entries for Baptisms or Burials during the period between 1775 - 1813. If you are looking for the birth or death of someone during this period then you will have saved yourself a lot of time by having documented the film first.

Even if you weren't looking for particular entries but were listing all people with a particular name, it helps to plan your reading sessions. This film takes many hours to study completely and you will want to do it systematically.

  1. all baptisms to find out who was there and who their parents were,
  2. all burials to find out the years that they were alive
  3. all marriages
  4. all marriage banns

there is no way that you can plan your reading sessions in this manner unless you have already documented the film contents.

Finally, when you are done and you notice that no-one was born or died during the years 1775 to 1813, a glance at your list will explain the problem.

Benoys found in Parish Records

Cornwall St Stephens by Saltash
  St Stephen by Launceston
  Independent Churches
Devon Werrington
8 November, 2005