Benoy Family


International Genealogical Index

The IGI is a useful starting point in finding people and events (especially Christenings and marriages) which occurred before Civil Registration began (in 1837) but it is not complete and the parish records should be searched to verify this information and to add to it.

Most of the IGI is now available on-line at

If you are visiting your local Family History Centre to research the IGI, I recommend that you get photocopies of the pages which contain the names in which you are interested, the cost is small, it is so much more convenient that writing it all down and you know you've got it right when you refer to it in the future. If your list of names spans two pages, especially if it consists of the bottom half of the first page and the top half of the second, you can ask for the two pages to be photocopied onto one sheet.

To find the source film number for an IGI entry:

  1. Write down the code that you find in the column headed "Source Batch/Film No.".
  2. Look for the batch number in the IGI Batch Number Index
  3. Find the source film number in the column headed "Input Source"

Benoys in the International Genealogical Index

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