Benoy Family

Boyd's Marriage Index is very useful for finding marriages from the earliest records available to the beginning of civil registration in 1837. This Index is divided into 25 year periods (e.g. 1500-1525, 1526-1550, 1551-1575, etc.) and the following volumes are available for each period:

  • Brides & Grooms
  • Brides
  • Grooms

Be aware of which volume you are using.

It is also important to be aware that Percival Boyd:

  • spelled the names he found phonetically.
  • used only copies of records not the originals

These indexes, while extensive, are far from complete. Many parishes are not included at all and those that are will often have missing time periods. You can find out what portion of a parish has been included in Boyd's Marriage Index in Phillimore's Atlas & Index.

Benoys found in Boyd's Marriage Index